Elevate Your OET Listening Skills with OET Pro+ Listening

Are you ready to excel in the OET Listening Test?

OET Pro+ Listening is your comprehensive solution for mastering every aspect of the OET Listening exam.

What's Included:

  • Listening Exercises for OET Test Part A, B, and C: Sharpen your skills with targeted exercises designed to enhance your proficiency in each part of the OET Listening Test.
  • 10 Complete Listening Tests: Put your knowledge to the test with a series of complete listening assessments that mirror the real OET exam conditions.

Why Choose OET Pro+ Listening:

Elevate your OET journey by honing your listening skills – a crucial component for success in the OET exam. Our curated content ensures you not only understand the OET Listening Test but excel in it.

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Sample Lessons Overview:

Explore a snapshot of the extensive content available in OET Pro+ Listening. While the full course includes hundreds of exercises, we've selected a few lessons to give you a glimpse into our comprehensive approach. Enroll now for exclusive access to the complete OET Pro + Listening experience.

Sample Lessons:

Listening Part A Skill Practice:

  1. Exercise 1: OET Part A Listening
  2. Exercise 2: OET Part A Listening
  3. Exercise 3: OET Part A Listening

Listening Part B Skill Practice:

  1. Exercise 1: Gap Fill Exercise (Transcript 1)
  2. Exercise 2: Listening Comprehension Questions (Transcript 1)

Listening Part C Skill Practice:

  1. Exercise 1: Yellow Fever - Interview: Multiple-Choice Practice
  2. Exercise 2: Hand Hygiene in Healthcare - Presentation: Multiple-Choice Practice

OET Listening Practice Tests:

  • Practice Test 1
  • Practice Test 2